About us

Iran’s Benchmarking Network (IRBN)

Iran’s Benchmarking Network (IRBN) is a wing to Intelligent Persians Consultants (IPC Group). This network is aimed to help its members develop their approach use benchmarking tools in a professional manner.  Focusing on best practice sharing and learning, IRBN’s mission is to improve cognitive abilities, increase creativity and innovation, and promote the culture of modesty and learning from better practices.


The Iran benchmarking network (irbn) as an official representative of Global benchmarking network (GBN)in order to extend the using of benchmarking approach has to enhance the learning capability , invention and innovation of firms and promote the culture of reverential and intellectual manner to accept the superiority of others in the particular issue and learn about it. irbn uses it’s member’s assistant to do this duty.so we go forward our goals through generating a network of benchmarking experts in Iran and rendering our services in the scope of benchmarking in a fast and reliable way and with appropriate prices.

  • Irbn’s potencies :
    • Being a member of global benchmarking network and communicating with 25 countries are members of GBN.
    • Being linked to irsas.ir
    • Having a data warehouse of 140financial,economical and productivity indexes
    • Having experts educated in the scope of benchmarking and validated from GBN
    • Being active for 5 years and rendering of services


Irbn is an extended network of factual and judicial members.judical members are the official organizations that work preferably at management services and at least one of the official agents of these organizations should’ve participated in formal course of benchmarking expert training (level3).

And factual members are people who works at an organization or at a firm or they are who works confidently as a researcher or investigator that can work at IRBN after being participated at benchmarking expert training course (level3).

The judicial members according to their job area and the economical groups that they are connected with can select their scope of activity. and  according to determinate reach Factual members will present the IRBN services under the brand of IRBN.

This initiative’s tangible outcome is an in-depth understanding before the creation of a “proper” relation with a “proper” person at a “proper” time. As for this, our emphasis in shaping the networks is on “rating”, which is exceled by the development of a database containing the financial, economic and productivity information of more than 1000 Iranian companies by sector with a worth of 30% of the Iranian non-oil GDP. This facilitates the use of Performance Benchmarking and provides new benchmarking opportunities. Benefiting from a systematic and integrated logic, we are using the best possible way to collect information so that companies can evaluate their general status compared to their competitors (or best practices) by sharing their basic yet influential information such as that brought in their financial statement.

Perspective of IRBN

Establishing an institution to provide benchmarking services with features such as reasonable prices, accessibility, and reliability which all business people can easily obtain their information and optimize their knowledge in the field of benchmarking.

Mission of IRBN

IRBN is a national network in the field of benchmarking. The approach to use benchmarking tools, focusing on sharing successful experiences, and learning about the best practices increase the ability of learning, creativity, and innovation of businesses. In addition, IRBN develops routine methods in the field of benchmarking which are presented below with help of its members:

Modest behavior in accepting the superiority of others in a particular subject, and also wise behavior in learning how to compete on that subject and even surpass the others.

Objectives of IRBN

IRBN announces its objectives annually. Current goals include:

  • Providing services related to the benchmarking and successful experiences of businesses
  • Sharing experiences related to benchmarking activities of agencies
  • Promote and facilitate the swapping of knowledge of the most successful experiences
  • Supporting members in order to provide defined services and other efforts made by IRBN to develop utilization of benchmarking
  • Attracting current members in IRBN activities more and more
  • Attract more members in the network